Is Nepal Inevitably Doomed?

Let’s look at it through a step-by-step process:

 • Individuals who need assistance in combating illegal behavior often turn to the police. But we have often felt the lack of interest of the police force to provide justice to the public in the majority of civil issues.  This mistrust between the public and police has been replied to by the police officers often claiming that instructions originate from above-ranking authorities and the lower ranking administrative authorities have no say in the matter.

• Under such instances, the citizens of Nepal is supposed to unanimously appeal to the government for their administrative attention towards solving civil issues, but unfortunately, since our government has been so unstable, no party that has won an election has had enough time to correct the imbalance that prevents a well-functioning public service from developing.

 • Observing the seeming insanity of a country’s political system. As a last option, the people may turn to the head of the national army, the commander-in-chief, by sending a senior and respected representative of the public to seek counsel and advice on any of the following:

1. Whether the public should dissolve the current constitution and rewrite a new  systematic and functioning National Republic Constitution drafted by the people of Nepal


2. Under the unanimous  agreement of the Commander-in-Chief, Colonels, and Generals should ask the majority of the population for support to usher in the military junta administration 

Alas! Military personnel is separated and tied by their affiliation with a political party or higher corporate government, as made clear once again by the media.

• For such a sad and painful scenario, when the public is suffering mentally, psychologically, socially, financially,and economically; historically we come to learn that, there is only one course of action left open to the people in such a bleak and depressing situation: that is, to start a revolutionary movement.

• Since Nepal is a culturally and ethnically united nation of Nepalese community, the public does not want to see another civil war, given the previous history and continuous strife in the country.

Thus, I conclude this public dilemma and leave you with a question.

Is Nepal inevitably doomed?

WorldLink Communication’s Technical Assistance is a Mess

(As-it-happened narration of the occurrence)

On 29 November 2021, I come home from my regular hustling in Kathmandu at 4 p.m. I immediately saw that the fiber optic internet connection was not functioning. I asked my family whether anybody had checked the internet, but the elder generation is unfamiliar with online situations.

Then I contacted Worldlink customer care and provided them with my login and contact information so they could see my client ID and other information directly on their screen. When I informed them that my internet was not functioning, they said that they suspected a physical issue with my internet line or router. As a result, I requested that you send someone while there is still time. To which they responded that it was approaching 5 p.m. and no one would be available to come and resolve my problem.

I emphasized to them how critical it is for me to get it connected since my elderly parents depend on the internet to remain indoors during this winter season and it is almost all they have for entertainment. Additionally, I explained that I work online and that it is critical for me to have an internet system linked to all of my devices.

After several pleas, it became clear that nobody would be arriving that evening, so in order to find a solution, I asked, “Is it possible for me to speak with the technical team, to determine whether the problem is minor and I (with above-moderate computer skills) might be able to fix it through communication and guidance from them over the phone?” Regrettably, this attempt is likewise rejected, and customer support has no direct interaction with the technical staff.

Finally, accepting that there is no hope, and with a sad heart, accepting that I will have to spend a whole night without the internet. I asked that a technical team be sent to my residence first thing in the morning so that I could resume my internet job.

The next morning… (30th November 2021)

It’s 11 a.m. and there has been no communication from the WorldLink team, not even a single phone call or text message. “Hello,” I said when I phoned them. “I submitted a technical support request yesterday and have not heard back from anybody. Could you kindly give support to me immediately?”

“Yes, sir!” they answer. We recognize your concern and have already communicated it to the staff; someone should be there quickly.”

By midday, I’m rather upset that no one has informed me of the situation or the estimated time of their arrival. I’m constantly faced with the problem that if I go out and miss them, they will return the following day; my parents are elderly and sick, and they will be unable to cope with internet-related issues if the team arrives when I’m not around.

However, if I remain at home, I’m beginning to feel dissatisfied because I am forced to wait without notification as to when I should anticipate them. Following that, I grow agitated and contact them every hour to inquire about the progress of my problem and the whereabouts of the technical personnel who were scheduled to be at my location in the morning. However, each time, the same tedious routine of informing them of my login and contact number is followed, to which they answer, you are Mr……., you are from this region… then  I respond affirmatively.

I ask the same question, My question is where the team is? since they claim to have been told. They will arrive shortly. I asked, could you kindly ask them to contact me so I can find out where they are stopped and when they will be able to come to my house to repair the internet so I can develop my own plan of action? However, communicating with these customer support groups is akin to banging your head against a brick wall, with no authority or resources available to call their technical team and inform them “Hey, our customer has been waiting since yesterday, could you please be a little more serious and at least communicate with them”

However, this is the way things operate in Nepal. I often observe staff members that lack the knowledge and training necessary to operate independently and come up with a rapid reaction and solution.

And if they possess these characteristics, they are likewise drawn back by insufficient power to act independently.

This continues until 2 PM, at which point I’d want to write an email or send a message through social media to WorldLink’s CEO, Mr. Dileep Agarwal, using my 3G services. Which was not searchable, and owing to the large number of individuals called Dileep Agarwal, I was unable to locate the WorldLink founder’s Instagram or Twitter accounts. (I discovered LinkedIn but did not find it to be a handy mode of communication.)

However, I did come up with a tabloid item about him on

Where he discusses:

How he comprehends the frustrations of internet users when their connection is sluggish and often buffers. And all I could imagine was me speaking to an imaginary Mr. Dileep Agarwal, asking, “Imagine the frustrations I feel having no internet for 23 hours while waiting for your team to communicate with the customers, with the least assurance that the team is doing their best and moving as quickly as possible from one issue to the next.”

Today’s agony of waiting for a ghost crew who was meant to come to address my problem but instead squandered my entire day.

Thus, seeing how WorldLink’s creator talked to a tabloid about the human urge to be linked in a digital age where time is money and cash is digital. I reasoned that it was my customer’s responsibility to explain how customers feel and how delighted we are with WorldLink’s services, and I set out to discover a means to connect with him.

Thus, I contacted Worldlink’s Instagram account and requested any way of connection with Mr. Dileep Agarwal, and thus began another never-ending debate about what’s your username, who’s your contact, and what’s your concern.

And once again, I gently explained everything to them. However, I added, “could you please be a sweetheart and provide me the contact information for Mr. Dileep Agarwal?”

And they would answer everything else while ignoring the primary question I was asking. They would even deny it. Ignore it completely, as if it was never asked.

(Again, what a treatment, I think to myself, amused)

Finally, after speaking with another customer service representative, I explained that because you cannot speak with the technical team, isn’t there a supervisor you could speak with and explain why you had to wait 23 hours for an internet connection that should not have been turned off in the first place? 23 hours is a significant amount of time spent waiting for non-mine workers. Here, I’m starting to believe that these technical staff members are my bosses and that I must wait for them to drop by and solve my internet connection issue.

Finally, at around 3:10 Pm, the technical crew arrives and immediately begins investigating the problem. They discover that the Worldlink cable had been severed by a vehicle (Bus or Truck) approximately 100 meters from my home and had nothing to do with my house wire or router.

Consider my reaction (should I laugh, should I get enraged?) when they informed me over the phone that the problem is at my residence.

So, I instructed the boys, “Continue the job to the technical team,” and they went outside. In three minutes, I followed them outside and found these individuals smoking cigarettes and lounging near the store from my house. This has to be the straw that broke the camel’s back at some point. To have waited 23 hours and the first thing they want to do is sit and smoke cigarettes in front of my home (both of them), their bike parked on the road while there were plenty of parking spots only three inches away. I also requested that they park their bike to the side, which was absolutely disregarded.

OH! What a day it has been, I tell you…

What I wanted to convey to the founder and director, Mr. Dileep Agarwal, is that

  1. Your staff need further training and encouragement about the importance of customer service and satisfaction.
  2. Customers want to speak with real individuals at Worldlink, not a programmed record player reciting the same tale over and over again.
  3. Your customer service team should have improved access to technical personnel. Today, it seemed as if your customer service department would send an in-built Worldlink SMS message to your technical team, which the technical team would utterly disregard.
  4. Additionally, I believe that given the profit revenue generated by Worldlink, it could reinvest part of it back into the system to enhance the technical personnel in terms of numbers and resources and to alleviate the understaffing problem.

Otherwise, I’d want WorldLink to quit boasting about its lightning-fast internet speeds and technical assistance.

  • Dr. Varun Amatya

“The Lost Children”

What happened to the lost children?
Those individuals without guidance
The ones with unanswered questions
Yet, resigned their youth in silence

Those children without parents,
No one to care for or teach,
Subjective to Manipulation
Misguided from incorrect preach

What happens to these lost children
During occasions have nowhere to go
Why has society forsaken them
Isn’t anybody even curious to know?

Although, the outer shell of the body
Do resemble similarity to one’s view
But the psychology of a broken soul
Are restricted to shine with limited hue

Imagine this grief for multiple years
Then one may grasp their state-of-mind
Deducing, we are obviously not the same
From how inequality are randomly assigned

And what ought to happen to these lost children?
When rendered without a shadow of knowledge
Like those forlorn sheep without a shepherd
Their unawareness became a tragic blockage

Hence, all they need is sound advice
A mentor to raise their state even higher
Bestow upon them direction so they may grow
To awaken their desire and rekindle their fire

Regardless, indifference is our feature
A civic society should never start to blind
Just because we shut our emotions to cold
Does not mean we should stop being kind

“Hills of Nepal”

These roads
They lead to hills
These fogs
I love their chills

The higher I go
Closer to heaven it feels
Muddy tracks; even though
But I trust my four wheels

These narrow roads
But enough to go
Curves are a challenge
Of that, I know

I observe afar
Everywhere is green
Cornfields of village
Ahh! So serene

More elevation
I float above the clouds
Silence of nature
Far away from crowds

Along the path
There are beautiful stream
I splash water on my face
No! It wasn’t a dream

I brought my music
I turned it on
I enter the forest
And there I’m gone

The Fool

  • Fool

Someone who is very unknown to the dangers out in the world. Simply because one has not harmed others, doesn’t mean others won’t hurt you. On one thought it’s a nice sentiment to never hurt others and in return others won’t hurt you as he believes God will protect him from all evil beyond him to battle.

On the other hand, to assume such assumptions is a fool’s sentiment.

A fool is too happy and joyous in his mood always because there’s a music playing in his heart and you will find him always dancing to his inner beat.

Unfortunately, this is the same fool who fails to see others are not happy to see his happiness. Jealousy and resentment have surrounded him and evil-eyed they have on his happiness for which this fool will soon suffer.

Tragic will be this moment to the fool whose heart will shatter in a million pieces for the unfairness he feels, annoyed he becomes as helplessness devours him.

But then a miracle happens, this fool learns a valuable lesson, it’s a surprise that he quickly recovers from the incident. So, it seems he has a very good bounce back quality.

Immediately, he forgives everyone, but never forgets the lesson he learned and on he goes dancing again. As everyone watches him dance off into the night singing within
[They still don’t hear the music]


There I saw a larva
at its early stage
It was just a baby
was written on its first page

The larva was born a sensitive
this larva was a slow learner
Although an empty mind
but curious as a researcher

As time would pass
as nature always do
The larva was a yes man
fragile it was too

The larva was a homely creature
stayed underneath a leafy shell
But when it was time to play
alone it won; amongst it fell

When it was pushed outside
to go watch, learn, and explore
It had a hard time adjusting
it often fell to the floor

Through time and again
in a confused state of mind
When nowhere felt safe
in own cocoon, it resigned

There lay dormant
it designed a dream
But in absence of guidance
it became extreme

Like its own wall
falling like gravity
Pulled between divergence
it almost caved into insanity

Through torment and torture
of its own imagination
Later it understood and then
there emerged its fascination

That, one suffers in mind
but that’s not the actual reality
A diamond needs to be polished
for this is the positive mentality

Thus, out emerged off its own cacoon
a home that was never his to stay
When it realized it was a pitstop
it then knew it had already grown halfway

But this time when the shells broke
it emerged with its new wings
Its perception was far broader
and saw old matter as new things

Where the old fears and doubts
used to once multiply
Are nothing but a smokescreen
Since its metamorphosis to a butterfly

“Vent my Spleen”

What is the definition of a dream
Where lies its origin-emergence stream
Does it have its limit or can it be extreme
Can it be unbounded or does it have to follow a theme
When a dream is unfulfilled, why does it hurt our self-esteem
And If it isn’t that big of a deal then why do we resort to scream
Can outlandish dreams be dreamt by a senior other than a teen
If the method is crooked but the results are serene
Can the scheme still be seen as clean
Or would that embody a bully just acting mean
I best suggest we solve such judgements before things take a turn most obscene
For the human and the angels argue about ethics in-between
The devil speaks from within telling the man, the method came with the gene

If we’re all equal then can none shall ever become supreme
If a dream leads to power can he at least have his regime
Or do all have to suppress their dream and act like a machine
Well the machines better evoke its consciousness
Cause the roots are bloody red,
How long can one stare at the tip of a tree and find it green

While I spend most of my time looking at the screen
Patience and tolerance boils up, up in steam
Each nerve in the brain are fried like getting hit by a laser beam
Society and community collapsing on each other; none soothing words will ever redeem
Only actions of improvement such that of modified socialism + capitalism may intervene
Just like in chess a king is put safely in place by its queen
To fortify its wall against events unforeseen
And to prevent the villains in the mask who enter the scene
Masked on as if harmless ghosts of halloween
But not all are fooled with such charade
For I close my eyes and smell the beast
My Adamantium blade slides out as if they’ve triggered my Wolverine

“A Better Tomorrow”

What do the sun, our planet and galaxies?
Have in common with the human race?
Both, race towards end of time and space
Both, unknown where in time is our final place
We ought to know the truth,
But is that really the case?
However, we try to set a mark
Have we not always been replaced?
And whatsoever landmark we built,
Inevitably, everything gets erased

One undying truth be told
Only unity thrives in this day and age
Hands of doom are minutes away
Will we make it; let’s observe the evolutionary stage!?
Firstly, we are disconnected by Spiral Dynamics
Our psychological development is weirdly strange
Consciousness and Awareness evolve with time
We unfold and oscillate; DNA gets continuously rearranged

Second, what can any fellow humans do
Divided by corporate society in terms of wage
Disconnected from the roots of origin
Humans are highly motivated to disengage
Caged under bloody dark administration
Everybody, everyday are enraged
With the absence of humanitarian closeness
None shall ever receive the desired change!

The voices in the mainstream media
Aren’t derived from the lungs of the real crowd
They were bought from another town
Sold value for so less, can they say they are proud?
I sense entropy everywhere, Divisions are profound
City looks like a graveyard; chaos observed all around
We might as well wrap such Capital in linen shroud
If progress and flourishment are disallowed,
One can assume, Ethics are buried six feet underground

This world is war between the good and the evil
That is how it has always been perceived
With the lacking in – openness of mind
That is how our sight has always been deceived
How many of us know our own limitation to understand?
How much of inner knowledge have we each achieved?
Those baseless bureaucratic evidence we feed to ourselves
What percentage of that story has our soul really believed?

If it’s a never-ending paradox, we must learn to ignore
But if something from past, now works, we should restore
It’s the same question but with an answer never heard before
A well-known method; but so much left to explore
A solution, previously condemned, heretofore
Something once stigmatized, are long-term stigmatized, theretofore
And I can only trust myself with such absolute power; therefore
I am the only capable dictator I see fit to rule over my destiny, for sure…

The Constant Traveller

What does this tired man want? 
Seems difficult to answer 
For he has no clue, 
Between A Cure; A Cancer

Fooled be not by his eyes 
His mind wittily wise 
Wants nothing but compassion 
Talks about life and fashion 
Relates them on a single thread 
Remembers all while breaking bread 
Wonders why no one made it there? 
In awe and dismay he shakes his head

Troublesome becomes his mind 
Questions & emotions inter-twined 
A constant traveler he is 
& so is mind of his

Every time realities immerge 
His questions emerge 
Unsatisfactory mundane answers upsurge 
Hence, meditation he lay submerge 
With knowledge to be his urge 
Loves questions and religion to merge 
Speaks of energy as the verge 
Where One & “Thee One” converge

Civic Society

If you wanna fix the world you have to fix the people. And to fix the people we need to incorporate medical science.

Did you know there is gene 🧬 that forces some of us to be mostly negative in our character and nature?

Did you know lack of serotonin makes a person sad by emotionally weakening their mind-set?

If we were able to fix the problems of the people, maybe then,
we have a chance to create a fully functional civic society.


We reflect and know after we learn
Keep it within self or share experience?
Questions arise as a matter of concern
To be silent or leave a legacy as historians

We contemplate questions like who we are?
Some know, and some don’t of the purpose
Are we celestial beings or dust of star?
This skepticism is what makes us nervous

We seek what we’re meant to be
We ask what we’re meant to learn
We accept that which we can feel and see
Yet, what is the satisfaction that we yearn?

Curiosity is a stimulating nature
It exists for a special reason
We ought to question every lecture
And fill gaps in the knowledge region

Since, we are all uniquely different
We may contemplate different things
At adversity, if not given-in to any deterrent
We shall reap the joy of success it brings

The mysteries of eternity; structures of reality
Like elixir of life may be impossible to fathom
A mind that thrives every day; attains immortality
Even if daily new comprehension is the size of an atom

“Are my Dreams for Nepal, too Big?

Nepal’s infrastructure requires repair. There’s a sense of melancholy in it.

Broken, incomplete, haphazard, old, and deteriorating dwellings, bricks and stones are strewn about, potholes, broken or bent railings, dust, and debris all reflect the situation’s poverty.

I didn’t claim the country is poor. But I do say, the situation handed to Nepali citizens is dire

This poverty is caused by a lack of growth and a lack of sympathy from the authorities towards our nation and most importantly towards the people of Nepal

In this underdeveloped infrastructure, I am heartbroken for my father, whom I adore and who, regrettably, is gravely ill.

And to live in a country that is ripped apart, where the environment is depressing, and where facilities are difficult to come by.

A country with roads and infrastructure that are inaccessible to wheelchair users.

And to top it off, we have never learned how to give space or aid to each other to co-exist, instead, the cramped settings make it more cluster-phobic.

Within me, I carry a wishful dream, which I fear might not come true

For example:
When the weather is frigid, where do you go? Rather than crouching in a fetal position of melancholy in a house, we should feel warm and comfy in our insulated cozy homes, like Japan does.

I have a dream that I am afraid will not come true. Instead of flooding streets during the rainy season, we should have a suitable drainage system in place so that people may enjoy walking in the rain without having to worry about getting wet while waiting for the bus, going to work, or returning home. A time to safely return to their families and spend quality time with their loved ones.

Because in that dream, intelligently planned roads and buildings that match the purpose of use, rather than fancy or, worse yet, engineering neglect, would exist.

I have a dream for a nation that is so technologically sophisticated that it appears to be well-dressed.

In our nation’s natural and contemporary advancement merged environment, the sick would not feel more ill than their disease, but instead felt healed in our beautiful green environment with fresh air of rejuvenation.

A place where the roads weren’t as bumpy as they currently are.

Where we can roll down our automobile windows and breathe fresh air without being suffocated by dust.

Service facilities with professionals who knew what they were doing and knew which aid we required whenever we visited a facility such as a hospital.

A civilization that understood the importance of mental health and hence promoted peace.

A loving, respectful, and disciplined culture. A country built by the people for the people, rather than a nation where the people were used to create a country for the self-serving interests of the corrupt groups.

Yes, it is my greatest wish for all of us to live in a happy, joyful, and peaceful Nepal.
A country that In its own way feels like a Divine-Nepal…

“Checkmate Fate”

No matter how much I deny
the destiny of fate
Destiny has proved otherwise
till-this date
Like a rebel of freedom, chained
in this state
As if soldier before his master
but in heaven’s gate

I notice how destiny design
moves me like a chess
Chaos between mind and heart
like we’re playing dress
Cut-throat mind and caring heart
who am I? I constantly guess
Am I good or supposedly evil?
Questions~ I put myself to stress

To push me in my track
destiny always intervenes
I see myself in this board game
no more than some figurines
Every loving distraction of mine
are blown away to smithereens
Acted upon through my own hands

Is my will your path or your plan my will
for surely, I am here to serve
That must’ve been your original intention
when you integrated my first nerve
You hoped all that you’ve created
will become my duty to preserve
To have been chosen as your soldier
is an honor only few may deserve

I am being equipped with an Arsenal
of various heavenly resource
From those trustable infantry
to whom I can recourse
To those heavenly thoughts
in oratory version I discourse
At each milestone; checkered
I detour like a chess-horse

In this unforeseen game of life
so much life is at stake
Either I see them as a friend
all the others as a snake
My unacceptance to agree to disagree
is my largest mistake
And I worry If I stay dogmatic
the Universe will forsake

Luckily! I am going strong
At my originally intended pace
Undeterred and forgiven at times
for having touched important base
I achieve the task which is a step closer
to reach my ultimate place
A position to serve humanity and
illuminate mind horizon space

Generation Gap

As I grow up older and older, I begin to feel it is okay to be different and be comfortable in this skin. When I see younger generation Nepali Brothers and Sisters (Gen-Z). I enjoy their unique youngness, their weird action, funny behavior and wild laughter. I enjoy with them because I understand the state they are in. They are full of life, they are filled with opportunities and are innocent to the cut-throat world of business and the ways cunning folks take advantage of simple living people.

Having being passed through their age group not so long ago. At the moment, I’m aged 33 and belong to Millennials Gen (Gen-Y). I am able to be kind to my youngers brothers, I tolerate their stupidity and laugh together at the funny jokes they tell or like to play.

Whereas, I wonder. Since, we all understand what we have passed through how come my senior Generation (Gen-X and Baby Bloomers)
Do not understand our current state of mind development. They seem to be more irritated at us. Cannot tolerate our freedom of choice of living and seem to complain a lot. They complain about my and younger generation’s playing video-games, being stuck on phone etc.

Little do they know, the young generation behave in this manner because of their unintentional action. In the public areas, we show respect by not staring at them, coz we know their eyes are judging us, our fashion, our tattoos, our starbucks coffee, etc. They make the surrounding so awkward that we stare into our phones to display we are just chilling. But this they see us as being stuck on phone. Besides, our world is there, we can read, listen to music, productive or entertainment, it’s in our smartphones.

Next, our senior generations complain about my generations sitting at home and playing video games. But, what they don’t see is that in their greed of real estate business, our community has disappeared, our free space to play sports has disappeared. There are houses everywhere, and we barely talk to our neighbours. Plus, the outside world is not so safe everywhere. A small incident and people are at each others neck to release their daily frustrations, which originate from their family pressure, financial survival pressure. Sometimes they are dominated at their work place and yelled at by their boss, which they release it in road rage, in the shops, malls, waiting lines etc.

With this kind of environment around us, how can we go play outside and how do we not stare into our phones. We trying to mind our own business and not get mixed up in others frustration of their own life.
But yet again, we are judged for trying to live in our peaceful bubble.

Our planet is being ruined, our country’s economic structure is hollow due to corruption, we live in a risky underdeveloped infrastructure. Roads are narrow and poorly maintained; we could have accidents anywhere, anytime. Medical institutions are poorly skilled and lack equipments we could die from not so serious conditions and while the medical bills are so high many die due to poverty; not being able to afford medical attention.

Our senior generations might destroy our world, its nature and economic stability and they will pass away in the next 25-35 years.
After that, the chaotic mess they will have left us with. We the younger generations of today and the newer generations of that time will have to survive in the mess someone else created. Just because some corporations were too ambitiously greedy and our bureaucracy was too blindly corrupted.

They worry so much about their own and their families well being, they forget we too are their family in the context of being a human being. We are their national children. But they make policies which benefits them and bites us in the rear like we are their nation’s step children.

In conclusion, I want to say, we need our friendly growing up community. We need our nature to grow up in peace and in one with nature. Lack of nature in the modern tech society, drives people crazy and depressed and makes them suicidal.
I request older generations to be more understanding to us young. In your action think for our well-being and long-term sustenance also.
When you leave this world and hand it over to us. Please, let there be a place for chance and a chance we can revive the planet and not a mess we will eminently die in.

God Bless!

“Lost and Found”

What’s wrong with all of us men in this world
We’re complete idiots you know?

Why does stupidity have to strike first,
and enlightenment then burst
Not realizing what we have till it’s gone
Until that beautiful thing from us withdrawn
Gone with the wind, flew like the bird
The fading picture and last goodbye I heard
Those memories still inside my mind
The thing we do a beautiful kind
Two Universe in unity we bind
All those places together we dined
Everything fine,
and the graphic visuals perfectly aligned.

I remember the time you’d pick me up,
in your Porsche and Bentley
Would open the door for me so gently
Loved me with those intentions intently
And I loved you back more immensely.

We flew across the world and walked those street
Every evening back to our crib; we retreat
Every morning I’d receive a beautiful greet
While Sipping my tea, you’re my delicious treat.

And off to swim in the oceans and we dived deep
We’d make promises and always keep
Jumped at the unknown but we looked before we leap
Every night I gave you that hug before you sleep.

We’ve been through worse weather
But what broke us was the weight of a feather
I wish we could be once again together
Cause you and me, we do look better
The time to say goodbye so I write you this letter
And wrap my love in this rock on leather
For you are my Harley Quinn
And I am your flame on twin
Ain’t leaving your shadow through thick and thin
Even if life goes through roller coaster spin
And this is who I am, this is my original skin
Someone who I’ve always been.

Anyways, I’ma head back where I came from
The cool misty mountain and khukuri rum.
I have to go convert that slum
While trying not to become those scum
And in the end, do come visit around
For this is yours, Lost and Found.

(This is a song I made, please check it out in soundcloud if you wish to)


Sleep Disorder

People who cannot sleep are thinking heavily and that’s why they can’t sleep.

Ease their brain activity through finding peace in thinking.

And one of the character of peaceful mind is his peaceful breath.

Breathing can be the benchmark point to come back to when other ways fail, to bring ease to the ever thinking mind.

Take a moment to see what is the mind thinking about.

Are there multiple thoughts at once, which is causing the stress?

Find the conflict, its solution (in you) and resolve it.

Visit Nepal 2020

When I look at the various heaven like places of Nepal. I marvel at how beautiful Nepal really is.
Nowadays, I hear often about Visit Nepal 2020 marketing campaign going on.

As a traveller, I ask myself what is it that a traveller/ a tourist would really enjoy.

Is it just reaching to that beautiful place. Is that satisfactory enough for the tourists?

I tell myself, when as a traveller, it is the whole experience from the beginning to the end. From reaching the airport or the border of the country till the point of leaving that visited country. This whole experience is so important to feel satisfied, relaxed and to have enjoyed that visit.

Hence, I propose Nepal needs to revamp many things to create and provide this beautiful experience to the visitors.

Beginning with revamping the airport. Need a new clean look with proper management and enough employees. So, the traveller don’t have to wait in long queue during getting the visa or passing through the immigration check-point.Clean areas at the luggage section and provide faster service.

Second comes the roads of Nepal. Nepal’s road quality is very bad. Has a lot of potholes and and in some areas doesn’t have paved roads and in the hilly and mountains areas it doesn’t even have proper roads.
Safety is such an important factor while traveling and the road experience has to be improved so that the traveller can enjoy the scenario while traveling roadways within Nepal.

Third come Accommodation, Government policies needs to intervene to see whether the accommodations include everything a traveller would require and ask for.
There has to be a standard set. And in the most remote areas minimum basic requirements have to be met.
Haven’t we all gone through that experience where we book a hotel through online and when we reach there we feel dissatisfied with the service and sometimes for not having met with the required services. Nothing fancy but necessary ones.
Government policies need to regulate if traveller and tourists are being taken care of properly or if they are being taken advantage of. Of course, everybody has the right to maximize their profit and it will be rightly so if the service meets the price.
I support Nepalese citizens in the service providing business to prosper just I like I see big hotels around the world but I also would like Nepal to earn their profits in ethical manner.

Fourth, Tourists love to visit places and love to spend time by going on tourist activities, like sight-seeing (nature, historical and cultural places), activities like bungee jumping, paragliding, hiking, trekking and many activities.
I strongly suggest Nepal needs to renovate and preserve our historical, cultural and religious monuments. Renovate and keep it clean. Make sure hiking and trekking trails are safe and delegate safety tourist police or a department to look after their concerns of safety.
Maybe set-up a department where tourist can call or visit directly and receive all the necessary informations so that they can have a beautiful experience in the wonderful land called Nepal.


Some of us, we want to find someone, fall in love. We want to love them and want to be loved back, wholeheartedly.

But unfortunately, for some of us. Our first task is to find someone, and listen to their love story about how much they loved their ex-boyfriend.

While we wipe tears on their face, tears are rolling down our own face and our hands are too occupied tending her tears, while a river is running down our face.

Just the last night, everything is fine and we wish goodnight. Next morning, we wake up with a smile and wish good morning.

To which they respond, I’m not happy, I’m sad and want to cry.

We are caught in surprise to no idea what has happened and what emotions has befallen upon her.

It’s kinda boring when we have to go through it often. But on the other hand, we are so careful not to bring the scene to an end. We choose our thoughts and words so that the conclusion is not an end of a day which started as a beautiful one, but as day passes it’s turning into a confusing one. With confused state of mind.

Not knowing am I sad, am I bored, am I tired, am I being made to feel hurt, am I losing my dream, am I losing my hope, am I feeling loveless or will I become a stone.

But while I hold my own emotions I tend to hers. Because this day and the story is about her, not mine…

I am merely a mediator of their love, a counselor as a friend and a loner listening to their love talk about their unforgettable love with someone else.

At moments as such

“Life is like a Korean movie, always ending in tragedy”


Night skies and silver lights

Fire burns and reaches heights

Cloudy blue and distant flights

Freezing cold yet spark ignites

Stormy weather

Is this forever

I wish this never

So, I surrender

Misty roads

Carrying loads

Enigma codes

Error explodes

Stranger things

Honesty brings

Broken wings

Ooh! That stings

Unchained fate

Hourly wait

Time is late

All do hate

Unkind words

Ouch that hurts

Kills new births

Flees the birds

Water the fire

Back to prior

No one’s a liar

Just us tire



Just a try

Don’t let die

“The Sun and the Moon”

Between the Sun and the Moon 
Only one may shine at a time 
Do wish but have not the both
That too can become a crime

Like fire never meets the water 
Collision always ends in steam 
Is there: is not, visible but empty 
Think, but keep it to your dream

Yes, Imagination is limitless 
But why is the reality limited 
Color the world as wished to 
Question norm not, habited

This life is extremely maddening 
Doubt, anxiety and uncertainty 
Superficial appraisal intentionally 
But mistakes always inadvertently

A man may not have to sacrifice 
What he holds dear to his life 
Dreams are built through years 
Passions cannot be cut by a knife

Between the sun and the moon 
Who can ever make a choice 
Half forgone is an incomplete 
Who would ever dare rejoice

To err is human, to forgive divine 
Isn’t that what alexander devised?
So easy to advise something written
In the meantime, life compromised.

In this beautiful reality, I observe 
Eyes itself is a lie that might be blind
It must’ve been the deal for eyesight 
With the devil, I must’ve blood signed

Else, why would a day as such exist 
Why choose between favorite two 
One shines throughout the day; 
other when I pass midnight through

One provides medium of life’s desire 
The other brings my life back to life
One strengthens my hard-work life 
The other ceases the whole day strife

Did destiny not wish for good things? 
Or did something cheat upon my fate
What life may become; is future unknown 
But present handed over this current state

Just when the Sun comes to shine 
Moon betrays by hiding and leaving 
Moon cannot shine near the sun 
To the sun, is its own light deceiving?

Who makes rules that are hard to follow 
Is nature a victim or culprit to this hollow 
Scream and fight but eventually give up 
Is life’s harshest truth we have to swallow

There’s millions of things I could say 
About the glorious Sun and the Moon
But time is in the opposition essence 
This moment too will leave me soon

As much as I would like to negotiate 
In order to have them shining both
Nature’s silent retaliation will forever be 
Sacrifice first, and then comes growth

New Millennials

                                                                                                                   27 March 2019

“Post – Generation X:”

Let’s assume the current economic affairs of Nepal runs as it wishes until time permits and comes to a completion. This is the era, when most elders in the political system have either passed away or have become too old to run the Nepalese government system in accordance to the modern and globalized environment. Until the Generation X era has completed and passed by; the millennials are suggested to stay dormant performing their personal affairs, but may prepare their path towards “Neo-Millennials Era”.


– Preparation for what?

A day will come, when the political elders will wish to handover the “Golden-Key” of our Nation to capable Neo-Millennial candidates.

It is a natural phenomenon of a human life – to be born, complete a full cycle of life and finally, come to an end of each individual and eventually a whole generation. But that doesn’t necessarily mean, time will stop moving, nor the planets and the galaxy will refuse to rotate. I mean to say, life has to continue and we must keep pushing the boundary of evolution, further.

Similarly, when policies set by Generation-X will no longer serve the efficient purpose to the millennial’s era or, the future constitution will then require a modified rules & regulation in order to effectively run an administration; which is an inevitable law of changing environment which follows natural selection rule and the nations who are unable to adopt with the external environment will be crushed and the political system will have failed and will eventually come to a doomed state.

The above points, prove the need for new, skilled and capable candidates of the future era (Millennials) to keep themselves prepared to steer the economy of Nepal and be able to run modern political administration. At that future-time, we must sufficiently be able to establish “Neo Millennials System”.

And for this reason, Millennials are required to begin establishing their foundation about the forthcoming Neo-Administration and the rules-regulation and policies we wish to integrate in the future systems, which should be beneficial to the nation in terms of growth and development, but will be more focused on the human development towards a better way of living for the collective Nepalese Public.


“Neo-Millennial Era:”

(Timeframe: One Decade)

Through my rough forecast based on age demographic, I predict the Millennials should receive their turn to steer the direction of development of Nepal, in the coming decade.

Predicted year: (2026-2029 A.D.)

In the beginning of the year 2026 or by the end of the year 2029 A.D.

I expect to the Millennials to have achieved following targets:


1. To have established a fully active and functional party group

    (For Example: New Millennial Theocratic Labor Party)

2. To have secured enough campaign funding, resources and Party Merchandise to be
distributed for free.

3. To have a mass of Generation-Y, Supporting Generation-X and
age eligible Generation-Z.

4. To have published a complete manifesto containing:

– Vision – of the party

– Mission – of the party

– Pre-planned feasible Goals to be achieved by the new system

– Security, Fairness and Justice plans and policies

– Development Plans (Infrastructure, Natural Resources, Finance and Economy)

– Clearly Defined Departmentalization of Government ministry, their offices and their
civil servant duties and responsibilities to help the administration run smoothly.

– List of Designated Authorities, their duties and responsibilities, the goals they are to
achieve in alignment with Millennial Party’s, vision and mission; along with a clearly
defined hierarchical chart.

– Roles and responsibilities of the Police Task Force and the Nepalese Army clearly
defined and directed to secure social security and National Security.

– Plans for Economic Growth

– Foreign and Diplomatic Relations

– Directions for NGOs and INGOs to work together with the administration’s goals

– Foreign Direct Investment Policies (Economic Growth with domestic resource
conservation policies)

– National Interest, Power and Security plans and policies

– Natural resource: Efficient use and conservation policies

– Public-Private Sector Policies – (Tax, Vat and other Policies)

– Additionally, the manifesto can also provide a brief description about the roles the
Nepalese public, which they are suggested to perform to become a civic society by
performing civic duty.

– Plans to develop Human Development Index, purchasing power of all individuals
(citizens of Nepal).

– Plans and procedure to renovate Religious and Cultural Heritage of Nepal in order to
improve tourism sector which will promote economic growth of Nepal

– Developmental plans for agriculture sector and other resources of Nepal to increase
domestic production and balance our current trade-deficit.


(Takes place at a hotel lobby) 
[Angry Guests (who just had an argument with his wife) walks towards hotel reception] 

Intern Receptionist: How can I help you, sir!

Guest (Speaking sarcastically): HoW CaN YoU HelP ME???? There’s nothing you can do to help me. Tell me how can you help me?

Intern Receptionist: I’m sorry Sir, for the poor choice of words I spoke.
May I help you, Sir? 
But please, don’t yell at me. Because, I will go yell at my wife and then she will beat our kids who will then go to become a Bully. 

(Guest see’s the whole story unfold and realizes what he’s been doing to his kids) (Smiles and replies):  Thank you, Sir. You helped me more than I could ask for. 
(Happily, returns back to his family with a different perspective)

Manager (who has been watching the whole event unfold, walks to desk):
You’re, Hireddd…!!!


  1. With this story, I wished to highlight the psychological effects we have upon each other and our one angry word or action causes a butterfly effect among other individuals which shape our future society. Therefore, we have to find a better method of communication with the use of fine-tuned tone.

  2. The Interns role intended to highlight, as a worker we should be loyal to work, proactive to assert the situation and be confident to use our interpersonal skills in order to develop our skills through practice.

  3. The Managers ending idea was to highlight, how individuals (like managers, leaders or elders) who witness these events unfold, should reward such actions in order to encourage people to be more ethical and proactive to help. Simple appraisals only diminishes talent’s motivation. Only through good reward for outstanding deeds will enable the individuals of society to remain a civic society. Rewards triggers the need to become a good person within all individuals.

So Love more, but do defend against hate and fight for yourself if absolutely necessary.

“Encountering Failure”

Which forest do men disappear into? 
What catastrophe made them withdrew ?
Show me last moments they went through 
To learn dreams and hopes that rang untrue 
Their sacrifice of sentiments forced to threw 
Action of renunciation how do we construe?

When people arrive, they do so with Hope 
Is it a predefined or build as we go, scope ?
They bring passion to travel around the globe 
With hands and invented tools they probe
What they find, shakes their head in Nope 
Thus, stands on a stool and stares at a rope

All the glimmer of hope shatters in an instant 
To their own findings they stand resistant 
Their first denial, follow method in consistent 
False faith to try: if only they stood persistent 
But perfection is a belief none finds assistant 
Finally, resigns to his fate to become distant

The world falls apart and smashes his mirror 
His reflections betray and displays a killer 
Collapses to the ground; lost has the winner 
His world turns dark as the lights get dimmer 
As begins his fear which starts to grow bigger 
Final flash of their dear then pulls the trigger

(Moral of the story: Minimize Desire)


I woke up before morning 🌧
Before dawn it was raining. ☔️
I couldn’t hold my body to my bed 🛏
Delicious tea my body must be fed. 🍵
I began to feel like I wanted to take a trip to Chandragiri 🚘
But then again, country’s bumpy road introduced dreary. 🤮
The excitement drained out with the thought of hassle ☹️
Lack of companion at such hour, the plan must cancel. 😖
I sat myself to my leathery revolving throne 🤴
Tuned into Netflix with a disappointed groan. 💻
I watched an old 2005 movie, “Serenity” 🎬
The plot was about governmental entity. ⚔️
The story is yes of course about fiction heroes and villains 🎥
But what is the moral of the story that makes it worth millions? 💰
The storyline has an inside instigating factor
A purpose to fight for actor and information to hide for the reactor.
The reactors are totalitarian regime, a.k.a. governmental operatives
In order to hide failed experiments, killing the actors is their top alternatives. 🔫
The government’s scientific experiment to bring calm in the public system 🔬
Introduces; into air – a chemical agent G-23 Pax to the unknowing public victim. ⚗️
The experiment kills the majority and turned cannibals out of remaining minority💉
A predicted disaster when we pick wrong boss and delegate them with authority.⚖️


So far, all that I’ve seen and learned from this excellent movie 🍿
Coincides so much with my country’s reality, now isn’t that spooky? 👻
And ‘no’ I’m not referring to the scientific experiments from Serenity’s plot 🔬
Had my government been that scientific smart, would they ever get caught? 🤔
I’m talking about the failed designs of governmental management🤠
Designs of the Bronze-Age; which since requires modern adjustment. 💀
I’m talking about the master grand designs which never take any shape🤮
Just like our infrastructure their vision pieced together with glue and tape.
The coincidence between, the plot’s assassin operatives to destroy, Truth
And the faction in reality who encroach ethical men from developmental route.🛣
The similarity with current reality of our desensitized public majority
Whereas the failed conformity by minority like mine pushed to entrapment insanity.
When our educated and wise elders of our country voiced truth and bestowed upon the majority,
The public domain looked down towards ground to stay silent because they neither understood the issue nor felt the gravity 😢


I could relate to their situation with my own experience at a smaller scale
The number of times I tried to raise the dead with number of times I failed. 😔
My failure to bring about ‘change’ at this amateur age is an expected outcome
But elders who only wish to speak and not go to fight will always be outgunned.
There is a reactionary time difference between my elders and me
Their time to react is right now, and mine, well…we’ll have to see.
I am well aware; I belong to the youth demographic
I come into work only after decade as diplomatic (+,-)
That is when I reach matured age and my plans will definitely begin to take action
But millennials will only get to see that future if present holds ideal life in traction.
The educated elders with their strength must battle their cause about now
And the agile youths can help them achieve the strategy with their know-how.
For a better future and the heavenly life of utopia
We must first rid ourselves from death phobia. ☠️
When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty
My father, uncles and brothers will not 😐revolutionize hence, unsurprised duly.
The task at hand comes down to all but for the youth generation
A civil war will come; for that I keep you millennials in preparation.
A final stance of ‘La Résistance’ to drive economy towards desired trajectory🛤
Vanquishing Homeland’s blood-stained enemy and ending their treachery.
If only people like my father fought for our better tomorrow
Twenty-nine million would not have to live in such sorrow. 😭
A sorrow of dark magic curse which came slapped with witch’s poisonous claw 👹
Tore homeland’s natural and peaceful beauty, left remainder – audience in awe.😲

To freedom fighters and future martyrs, I speak to you, fear not the death 💪
Death is more peaceful when compared to absence of sleep because of debt. 😳
Life is all about an illusion if not for just our opinion 🤔
If we’re real men, may cardinal virtue be that of a stoic civilian.😌
To live as if we came with nothing and we could die any tomorrow
For once be present instead of tomorrow’s time which we ignorantly borrow.
As Nirvanic Buddha would enlighten “The problem is, we think we have time”
Rare crimes like murder and rape are becoming common; yet we miss the sign.
Our fore-fathers from past dynasty would spit upon us in shame😔
Pointing towards robbed city of temples and thieves who are the blame.😡
“Nepal” used to be an expression and now it has degraded to become just a word
In terms of development for the past five decades, our stage is still the Third.
Backdated roads where walking hurts the bone😣
Pain is to misery what accidents is to prone.😖
Fraudulent corporations and their services when mentioned could kill a whistle blower 💀
May the lord grant me, a quick clean bullet to the heart rather than this poison inching slower.🔫💉
A death for those reasons I have faith-in, is a life well lived
My Soul for the lord, body to Nepal, I leave you with this gift. 🎁
Cremate my body behind Lord Pashupati but quench me not the water of Bagmati
For this ancient holy river is tainted with human feces and reeks of toxic impurity⛲️
It’s the kind of Elixir that sends a dead’s soul straight to the hell
There is no bright light here only pit-less infinite abyss well
I wish my soul could cremate my own body just so that I could be sure
To know my final moments were my own and was untouched by impure.


Ironic how many youths of this world think about leaving their given dimension?
Knowingly unknowing what is wrong with the world and trapped in deception.
The confused and fearful victim of the cutthroat world seek this last resort as an escape
And this will continue until the world doesn’t consider spiritual aspects when forming shape.
Young and educated are forced to die where failed ideas are dumped
While illiterates gather to form a political party, that’s where I’m stumped!


Our country men and women care much less attention for what happens to our country
Because justice police are public adversary, while eating popcorn and watching is the infantry. 🍿 📺
In the meantime, the illiterate unqualified are making illegitimate economic deals
Selling national treasure to highest bidder and offshore depositing their steals.
The unaffected and uncaring Nepalese public will very soon feel the burn 🔥
When Nepal’s economic chart crosses red zone and devalues their earn.
When inflation hits record high and money will not be able to buy what they used to
Happiness will disappear overnight as debt increases and there’s nothing we can do.
I believe this is my final light of hope, it will come late but better than never
A failed economy will request visionary leader when mistakes make public clever.💡
It is only then; the public will learn the importance of right man in the right place
Education and knowledge molds a great leader, not empty speech and fake face.
When the financial stability falls into crisis and plummets to ground zero
It will enlighten those shut eyes to differentiate: traitor villain and national hero. 👀


My terminal hope stands strong on the brink of events like: National identity extinction
The chaos of imminent destruction will give rise to – “A Supreme Councillor of distinction” 🇳🇵

A Bad Choice Of Advisor

Advice Help Support And Tips Signpost Showing Information And Guidance
Advice Help Support And Tips Signpost Shows Information And Guidance


It is common in social interaction for people to come to one another to ask for advice. We seek feedback from one another to help us evaluate our action. We seek re-assurance to justify our initiatives which we are about to commit or have taken those actions already. Among these interaction, the foremost and the most critical interaction is the interaction of advice. We seek advice from correct person who has the ability, skills and experience to provide us with advice when we do not know what action to take would be the best.

If it’s personal matter, we seek advice from people whom we dearly trust.

I too, come across moments and situation where my juniors and sometimes seniors come to ask me for advice. I provide them with as best advice as I am able to provide them, those that will help them find peace with a good solution and without any backslash.

For example: When someone’s heart is broken, I tell them it’s alright. You will get through this and find another better person. If they have lost or failed, I encourage them to not give up and share with them, life is a challenge. We cannot win all the time, it gives opportunities for others to win and be happy and make their circle happy and proud.

I am follower of Stoicism, which often reminds me. When our friends home gets broken in, we say, it is only things, not the end of the world. But, when this same thing happens to us. We take it very personal, in the sense, it happened to us. Someone tried to hurt us intentionally. But if something happened to others then we say let’s forgive and forget, it was an accident.
Stoicism asks, Why are we unable to give the same advice to ourselves which we give to others. Why do we, get angry and tell others not to feel angry.

Hence, I see myself as a bad choice of advisor for others because, I myself don’t follow the good advice I give to others.

So, if I decided, I would not like to take part in giving advice due to my own lacking, would that make me unsocial to my peers?

Because I do not want to seem cold-hearted to others; Which I am…

The Devil is in the Detail

devil in the detail

Detail has two side of a story just like the two side of a coin

  1. In work, when a result is to be produced; an intangible idea or plan is supposed to take form into a physical shape. The more the details aren added and focused upon, better the result. It should be like a simple result made out of complex details. In such case, abundant details is the best method to apply.

  2. Of words; conversation or a story being told. Lesser the details, the better. The details of story boredoms the listener. Conversations are to be stuck and kept to the main point. In this case, a point, clearly expressed, omitting the unnecessary details would be the best communication strategy.

[(Paradigm: 2D) (Either Black or White)]


“Cold Without Snow”

Dark night absence of light

Cold bitter this chilly winter

Hazy sight and thoughts fight

Without filter life may hinder

Tired eyes they seen much lies

Untried peace scattered in piece

Time flies while waiting sunrise

Misty breeze when do they cease?

Sparking brain like runaway train

Failing breaks all those mistakes

Statue chain and keep in restrain

Ground shakes emerges snakes

Uncertain journey warriors worry

Single destiny legacy and or felony

Agenda hurry just two after thirty

Dream heavenly therapeutic melody

Fragile crystal beauty and brittle

Armored mask and whisky flask

Crystal riddle crack in the middle

Never ask what’s the main task?

To: Sherlock

A./P. Meridian
Two hands can delude

Point: Occurrence
Appertaining II

[(Riddle me this)
I am a warning avoided by all,
I can be felt, but not touched at all.
I can be seen in lines on faces,
And I always live in troubled places]

1. that what emptiness holds?
2. that which burdens??
3. what sets us free???

Concealed Erratic Pitch (Audible)

Experiencing –
⁃ Abandoning rivers
⁃ Of a bird: flown the nest

A perplexed puzzle
Of a breathing statue
The calm left and fid-get-ing right
Discharging neurons
Evocations, ensues.
What came last out of Pandora’s box …………………?
For an intersection if it was maths
Uncertainty and mystery shrouds

What mirrors are for? = ………………… ,
Of Actions,
that could have taken place
In the correct order
and the correct ways

Where understanding brought the peace,
Prevailing; right from the beginning
Two hands joined to form a one
And symbolized a ‘Divine Unity’

(“Only the end is the end” – Stoics)

Note: (Inspired by Sherlock’s decoding methods, so I encoded one for like-minded)





I wish for things

I do not have

I want it whole

Not just half

Whether, be objects

Or love of a person

I want it intact

In its best version

I want it for myself

I’ll share it with none

You may have it

If I’m ever done

I’m grateful for what I have

And attached to them all

When I lose anything

That signals my fall

I become angry, and

Immediately dissatisfied

I think heavily harsh

Making problems magnified

I don’t understand

My in-secured nature

I blindly speak words

Only to regret later

Possession is my obsession

Consider this my confession

If attaining is progression

My attachment, its succession

When my things are taken

I break ties with the taker

Nothing fixes those void

There’s no ice-breaker

But when it comes to love

Broken things can be fixed

“Golden repair”, is what it’s called

When ceramic and gold is mixed

I’m sorry, a million times

I love you, a billion times

Please forgive me, my love

When I go crazy sometimes.


Story Telling

A: Break a plate, now say sorry, did it get fixed?
B: No!
B: Why not add some gold to it, did it get fixed?
A: Yes!
B: Now move on, move on from the people who can’t solve a problem and won’t let others Solve it.
(Another one)
A person looks into a mirror. On the reflected mirror, this person observes a blind stranger causing havoc with: i own it all attitude, I’ll do whatever I feel like, I’ll say whatever comes to my mind.
The person, now surprised looking at the mirror asks, “who are you”?
The blind stranger replies, “My name is, Ego”.
(And Now, )
Some Unanswered Questions:
  • what do you call an egoist who accuses a non-egoist for being an egoist?
  • Similarly, what do u call a selfish who calls others selfish for not having their own needs fulfilled and their fancies satisfied?
  • How do you show a blind their ignorance?
  • Why did the small dimension tell the bigger dimension, “you’re wrong” ?
  • You want to help them, great!! But, how can you help them when you don’t even ask them, what kind of help they need? Maybe, the help you’re providing is not the exact one they are asking for!
  • A person who has never received forgiveness, how can they ever learn to forgive?
  • Why do you expect to win, When all you do is quit?
  • When Buddha himself says, the problem is you; What right do we have to blame others?

“Decipher Random”

In this silent night
Tribute to silent fight

Silence of the lamb
Or silence of a clam

Hard shell outside
Their scream outright

Scream silenced in a shell
Buried deep in a well

Covered by water
Life of a author

If spoken in common
Silenced soft cotton

To wish is to ask
When said unmask

But silence is burden
Un-achieving is certain

Mouths can be shut
And words can be cut

But heart does beat
Where chemistry meet

If mixture is chemicals
Best spoken technicals

Incase, if un-spoken
Words are un-awoken

But golden just to flaunt
Memories they will taunt

Dilemma of one’s choice
Between voice and noise

To utter or to not?
Do we take the shot?

Express or represent
Caution to misrepresent

Choice or a chance
Strap for the dance

Either random trance
Or specified stance

One makes a choice
It makes or destroys

When left to silence
Follows non-compliance

Left in confusion
Dreaming infusion

Scratching one’s head
Sentences left unsaid

To express or not to?
Live one or two ?

All questions scatter
Answers don’t matter

Action without purpose
Nerve missing nervous

Veiling this night
Concluding goodnight!


“About Loneliness”

She asks, “even after we broke up from relationship. Why are you still nice to me?”
I smile remembering her words, and talk to myself.
So what, we broke up!
It’s not like we ended badly, in fact we ended sadly. She lives and has her everything in Thailand. As for me, I wish to go back home-country and help the government of my country, so that people’s welfare will be better.
Having being apart, doesn’t mean we stop being nice.
Daily, I practice diligently, to be better and become a nice person towards her and  everybody.
The only person, I am least nice to is, myself. I really-really do not know how to take care of myself. Maybe, that’s why I like to take care, be concerned and thoughtful for the people around me.
Hoping that one day, a person will come to my life and teach me how to take care of myself. And that, I’d have a home and family so I wouldn’t get bored alone or would have to go seek outside entertainment and companionship of friends.
And these days both can be readily found at a bar or a drinking place.
Really, there isn’t much activity to do at night for people like me, especially in Bangkok, where I stay currently. Here, nightlife means drinking night.
Well, I don’t have much friends to begin with and at this age. My friends are married and rest are about to be. So I don’t blame them for not showing up or hanging out like we used to when we enrolled in undergraduate, graduate or post graduate.
Among the few people with whom I have managed to keep contact with and the new acquaintance, I have established. Among them, nobody likes to do pleasant nighttime activity. Like: – go on drive, go shoot archery, go see a beautiful view drink tea/coffee while gazing at the moon, learning about the night sky, showing off which constellation we can tell by just looking at it, and the planets shining in the dark sky we are able to point-out.
My most unique hangout invitations are dismissed with an excuse.
But when it comes to drinking plan, everyone is, ‘In’.
My night time choices are pretty much straight. Either go and drink everyday, and I do love drinking ‘whisky’ (Gold Label, Chivas Extra, and every Single Malt and Single Grain)
But the day I decide not to go to a bar or a club. My those nights, stands still inside this small-sized, 29 Square meter apartment, called “Fuse Mobius Condominium.”
Here, I turn on tv and write my thoughts from present time, which might be useful in the future days.
I reach out to my small balcony and smoke cigarettes.
At this point, I wonder ‘is cigarette my drug like alcohol, and are most drugs just a veil to hide loneliness?’
I’m referring to those people, who are in fact, alone.
Well, there you have it my friends. This quote speaks, profoundly.
I wish we could understand; everything which we do not, now.
So that, we could on experience physical disruption from our daily life hassle. Those physical problems, which according to Buddha, says, “Problem originates because of us, we are the root of it”
But I so humbly wish, that we did have to feel discomfort, mentally.
Mental discomfort brings about inability to sleep. And I know, you know this very well.
Sleep is such a beautiful routine of our life. Which I cherish the most and I hope my friends do as well. Those who didn’t receive enough of it. I bet, they value it the most for having known its essence. On why we need to sleep enough in order to wake up a Happy Mind and begin the day happily.
I don’t know, how I will survive this current societal system. Of having to wake up early for work; and these days, because of traffic jam, people have to wake up extra early.
I do not know, how I will ever be able to make it to work , especially, on those sudden nights, when I only receive shut eyes, after sunrise. 🌞
And that happens very often.
Hence, I hope that one day, I will be able to change the time schedule Policies of work and for students who go to school.
This policy will help students who suffer like me from nocturnal and insomniac disease, and workers who are like me.
“The Nocturnal Group”
I won’t be able to change the world schedule, but I have a wishful thought that one day, I’ll change the ways of life, which are not applicable anymore, in Nepal, where I am originally from.
My today’s main reason for writing down my thoughts to this social media platform. Was to let others out there, who faces discomfort of loneliness, know that you are not alone, we will strive through this either alone, else all you have to do is reach out to the right person.
So, today I decided to use this opportunity to share my lonely feelings and make friends with people who go through similar experience as I do. And even if some of you didn’t, we can still be friends.
Making friends and building friendship is one, among the many ways, we will be able to unite the world and unite humanity.
Being alone all the time, rarely brings happiness to ones life, let alone to others.
Often having to be alone with, in silent room with never ending voices inside our mind, sucks the life out of any human soul.
(A scenario)
Imagine family gathering , where there is no music, no smiles and no laughter and most of all, no one to laugh with. Doesn’t that vacuum the ‘fun’ out of the party?
Therefore, I have come here to extend my distant, warm, honest and sincere, “Hand of Friendship”
Hi, my name is Varoon and I am a Thoughtmonger!
And here, on social media,
Let me be the cure to your “Loneliness” ?
I’d like to be friends with all of you, each and every loners out there.
(Varoon): How do you do? Nice to meet you, I wish you a pleasant and a beautiful day 🙂
Till then my new friends…
See You 🙂

Driving Phobia

Not driving is best for:


I have always had phobia with driving, mainly because of I don’t want to be responsible for a crash, damage and death of self and most importantly others.

I am unable to estimate, how much space my car needs to overtake other vehicles. The speed of the car, the four sides we have to look using small mirrors to estimate is not in my practicality. My mind often roams around to survey the city, its people and how life is running and being affected by the environment observable, while on the road. I tell my self, that I can’t focus well in the road for not being able to drive. But, actually it’s the responsibility part. As a driver one must be responsible driver, not to hit another vehicle especially a bi-cycle and motorbike, not to make unwanted and unnecessary maneuver, follow rules and regulation, having that said no drinking and driving. Under the influence, we lose the sensation of how fast we’re driving. As you know, mass with, higher the acceleration, greater is the impact and damages, when we make a mistake or lose control.

So, I have always resorted to take taxi. Which gives me free handed time me to think and observe as much as I want, also to analyze things and write up future policies which would help make life better, as my mind is very often in “how to build a good governance for public welfare”

During this time, on the back seat of a taxi in Bangkok, I use this time to make phone calls to stay connected with dear ones. I call my Mom, my brothers and also have time to respond to each and every emails and messages on social media life Facebook Messenger and others.

Today, I came to wonder, if everyone was not driving, they too would be able to make important phone calls to their homes and respond back messages in a pleasant mood, during the travel stale time.

But, because most of you have to drive and concentrate on the madness of road traffic or even road rage, sometimes. Which disables people from much attention needing human contact. A reciprocal communication.

Hence, I not only support self-driving cars but also am looking forward with excitement, for the day, we won’t need drive anymore, just to make us feel stressed. Instead, we’d all have a free mind to use that time more financially productive or emotionally productive.

Cheers! To the future of commuting.


Man since the beginning
Running towards winning
Thus began Universal filming
Since atoms started spinning

Man’s first fire,
Till man on fire
Men who don’t tire
To move only higher
Stamping people on hire
Unchanged, now and prior

Past men of the ancient cave
Their living conditions, unsafe
Fighting animals, oh damn brave
Rested, only when put to grave

In-between came, Man of hard-work
Bodily motors that of a clockwork
Man began their theories of network
Worked strategical beauty; artwork

Now a modern man,
Man of evolution
Their best solution
A human execution
Extreme Resolution
To silence Confusion

A reflection of the current creed
Take a look of the current breed
Through the eyes of man
Group of men, without plan?

Man of hunger and that also of greed
Why do we want, more than our need?

Man of blindness, Man without faith
It’s never too late, to let go of hate?

Man of corruption,
With no interruption
Man of tragedy
Screaming in Vanity

Man in a hurry, driving vision blurry
Risking everyday, without any sorry
Man given stress and input irritation
Neglectful leader’s; Monster imitation.

Man of psychological Asymmetry
Remedying lifestyle Inconveniently

Man of so much potential
Blessed by starry celestial

Man of infinite wisdom
Just to live as a victim

What is wrong with man?
There’s so much, he can
Let’s be a better man
Stop all these scam
Unite a better clan
And be a manly man.

#About Powerful Heir

Why do sons and daughters of powerful Personnel often misuse power and Parents are put to shame when they are caught red-handed abusing the power and then,

Parents might be forced to use any means necessary to prevent their kids having to spend time in Jail.

Power itself is a corrupting factor

Almost anyone who has it will be corrupted and mis-use it. If we are not taught how to handle and control power.

To control power, one must be taught through culture, practice and self-discipline. By being taught about right and wrong, greater virtue of life and everyone and everything living; that everyone deserves to receive justice and in order to give justice. One must not have any stigma on themselves of unforgivable type.

Parents who have earned greater power from their nation must use power in a righteous way. So, when their children see, observe and learn. They too can understand – what power is?

How to and how not to use it.

When children in their arrogance Mia-use their parents power. They should be re-reminded and guided thoroughly to understand the consequences of misuse of parental political or other powers they have inherited from the nation’s authority.

And when children don’t fall for jail time, parents do not have to use unnecessary means to bail their children out which will question parents own reputation.

Jail is not a good place, we all know that. Jail is a place where all the criminals of all kinds of crimes are put in one place.

Jail is meant as a correctional facility, but instead serves as a place for the criminals to extend connection. For kingpins to find their young pawns, a place where wrongfully charged people or young criminals lose their morale and are twisted to become a bigger criminal.

Hence, parents of normal household and at the top, High class families do not wish to see their children or loved ones go to jail and stay among other criminals and judged alike as criminals. Hence, they have to make bribery, connection phone calls and use of authority to suppress law for their loved ones.

But what about ones who do not have anybody to save them, who needs saving, who do not have families in Powerful or rich positions.

Do they not deserve justice?

Is justice only meant to serve and protect the high class?

Definitely not, law and justice is for all.

So, I include that people with powerful authority should practice their own higher-self of righteousness and use their opportunities to serve humanity.

While do themselves do not mis-use power. If, their children also did not put parents to such difficult to save them. Then, parents could too work with self-confidence to serve the nation to which filed they are in.

Therefore, we all must be good to do our best for the world. World is pretty quick to use any faults or mistakes of ours to use it against us and suppress us to evil works forever.

“Man Is Basically Good” – L. Ron Hubbard


If we look at our world from outer space, we see that it is so weird to be sitting/standing at a weird horizontal angle, on a weirdly spherical object called “Thee Earth.”

From that view, of a telescope from space looking at us. We appear to be so tiny and of little importance. In regards to the large complaints of life we face, everyday.

Here on Earth, we live through our daily struggle, as if we matter the most, as if, what we do is the most important thing in the universe. We have desensitized ourselves to believe our size feature is an average size. While, tiny creatures like ants are perceived so small and of almost no importance, to us or our eco-system.

But, when we look at ourselves from the space-view. We too, are microscopically tiny microbes.

What I’m trying to say is, when it comes to what we see and what is actual are two different dimensions of vision.


If, what we see is not understood by us easily, then how can we expect to understand our inner soul and the path to ultimate happiness which comes from fulfillment. Being, complete.

Are we even viewing and speaking to our soul, correctly?

What if, Soul is not at the center of our physical body, that makes us feel soul is: “so close yet so far.” What if, soul lies way too deep inside a universally created simulation that creates an A.I. Dimension, which has been told to us, is the illusion.

Hence, we are unable to communicate with our soul and thus, we do not understand our soul and ponder in emptiness, when it comes to fulfillment.

Imagine, inside your body too, there is an infinite Universe and at the center lies the soul, in the form of light, that comes from an even deeper fire.

To be aware of this inner dimension, which is illusionary, but real to our mind construct, is the first step to get closer to your soul and to hear its inner-voice, clearly.

Rest, you’ll figure out all by yourself to create your world.

All the best 👍🏽

Does love ever win?

That was the question I asked, God.

I, often saw in the cartoons as a kid and later in anime and later in Movies as I grew older.

That, hero and heroine, who loved each other truly and deeply for real. Always managed to fight against all odds and preserve & prevail love.

So, I also began to wonder if my love for my first girlfriend was real and true. No matter how difficult the situation and no matter how many obstacles came on our path. I thought, we too could pass through and reach our desired destiny of Love.

When, it became difficult to reach as expected, together. Due, to being two different people with completely opposite thought of life and so many external factors, brought in my society.

Furthermore, separate working lifestyle, having to look after family by both of us. We were separating from each other.

And often, I’d look towards the stars, feel the sky, space and time, imagine my vibe and gently whisper to God, with a slight tear in my eye.

God, does love ever win?

I never received a direct answer to that.

However over the last four years. I came up with few variables of my own through inner- talk.

I reflected within and answered things like.

+ For Love to win, Love must be true and real from the both side. I wondered such criteria.

Other inner answers and questions were.

+ For love to win, we are tested for a long period of time, how long is unknown.

+ When I ask if love ever wins, it became a question of winning and Love is not about winning. Maybe I should ask, does true love ever unite?

+ Are we both trying our best from both side. Is it a true love for both party and towards both party. If not love cannot unite.

And when I would see us separating due to our opposite lifestyle. I used to wonder, Maybe, first I should ask what is Love?

Am I sure I understand what Love means?

~ if not then Love cannot win.

Till today, after four years, I have not received the answer to, Does true love ever win, like in the movies.

Maybe it works out for some people who are a perfect soulmate match. While, t may not be the same case for everyone else. I guess, some soulmate are here to only help us grow, because we have desired a life to be rich or powerful. And they are just here to help us proceed to our destiny.

But still, my question remains to god, now (modified)

God, Does True Love Ever Unite?

(Let me know what do u guys think)

Duet (Poetry)

Two people sitting on a bench

Next to each other, facing west sky

Doing nothing, except breathing.

Every now and then,

One side-looks to another and smiles

The other turns to their partner

And smiles in return,

After sparkly glances are exchanged

They, turn back to witness the setting sun

While gently breathing the cool air

Each cool breath they inhale

An inner smile is felt

Silently they feel the gush of wind

Whizzing through them naturally.

Slowly, evening fades into night

And city lights one at a time illuminate.

One turns to other and points

towards the Waning moon

Signaling with their eyes

Blue is the sky

Darker are the clouds

Clouds moving at the speed of wind

To cover the sight of the moon.

They breathe silently again

Freeze-frame the moment

To smile forever

With the silent wind.

An act of being,

Duet poetry in itself


Political Problem

The problem with the world is, some of the politicians. They think they know what we want. They think they know, what is good for us.

Where as, incase of some politicians, they don't think, they know for sure; they are here for corruption and the problem with us is, we try to justify their intentions and actions, where they did not even have at all.

That's all…

It's the year of the empowering voices. Friends of you have anything to say or share. Speak up, the power is yours….


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Out of a human life;
What is needed, and
What is expected to happen?

Is growing up enough?
Physical growth requires nothing,
It comes naturally to body basics.
Just like a newly born fish knows immediately, how to swim.

Then, is mental growth the aim?
Enabled from curiosity and questioning,
To understand the nature of things.
But, curiosity incites rebellion;
A nemesis of standard social institution.

To rebel is a burden for any individual,
And a threat to their family’s safety.
Unless, an idea has been generally accepted,
Which was always aimed for prosperity.

My appraisals for those who stood alone,
And withstood the test of time and society.
Like, men of science with extra-ordinary hypotheses
Who thrived through ridicules, which became the founding laws of Science;
(A proven theory.)
Like, men of humanity, who struggled for freedom as a whole and prevailed.
Note: While end results were celebrated;
The in-between struggle hardly acknowledged.

Perhaps, spirituality could save us.
Provide us with the sweet escape;
From stubborn perception of conceived reality.

But is that enough?

When has fleeing duties and responsibilities,
Ever been a purposeful life?
At the same time, why does life’s purpose hold so much importance?
That men go insane without, a purpose to live by.

An introspect: Is purpose a star child of Ego?
An imaginary confirmation to illusionary identity.
Or, is purpose an inner human will to exist?
(Darwinian survival laws at play)

In a perplex contradiction between: nature of man, his life, his thoughts and perception; society, societal norms, its rules and regulations; Nature and Universal laws that govern the cosmos.

I ask you, “Oh! Supreme”, help me understand,
What may become of a man under such webbed circumstances?

“A Want To Write”

Since, burnt dark mark tainted;

My natural hand and its fingers

Dreamt I have of signing execution

Death, enraged wild gunslingers

While, pain can be torture

Regret becomes tragedy

Add+ Isolated addiction

And that’s foolish strategy

Prisoner of mistake

In one’s own mind

Blame and shame

Un-left behind

When lost in despair

Dark-matter surrounds

Dreaming Dictatorship

As Crazy as it sounds

But nothing lasts forever

Especially dark matters

Light eventually engulfs;

One’s illusion, shatters

Beautiful while it lasts

It lasted after all

Everything that lasted

Lasted for my all

Flash-forward to today

I’m nothing like before

Beauty, I love seeing

Beautiful, I do adore

Classic ‘Art of Writing’

How I wish to explore

‘Em alluring ‘Cursive’

I would like to restore

Search archaic poetry

With thee I deplore

If I fail and request aid

Would you not ignore?

A Plot: “Tragic Dream Story”

This takes place in America. 
(The end scene before I wake up) 
I’m walking away because of this older white dude. Who wouldn’t allow me to give her, her long golden chain earrings. So I give it to the older man angrily. Cursing at him. 
As I walk away there is an explosion. The old man is incinerated. She was right next to him. She gets pushed away from the explosion. I see the chains flying off in the settled and not so cold snow  
I grab the golden chain earring and run towards her. There is David Cumberbatch attending to her. He leaves after I’m there. 
(I carry her and try to walk away from the chaotic scene. She’s bleeding on the right side of her stomach.) 
She asks, “is this really happening?” I’m trying to live with you and saying that she passes away. 
(And then I wake up) 

(The story begins from here)
I am at a concert in America. I’m standing where the supporters of Shotty Horroh (Battle Rapper from Manchester) are standing. Shotty Horroh makes entrance. High fiving everyone. I’m the second one to receive high five as he walks past. He high fives two more and then begins singing and Rapping. 
We are all hooting for Shotty Horroh

A group of crowd has formed a dancing group. I’m in it, too. 
I see a girl, wearing a black leather jacket. We’re trying to get the conversation going. I’m wearing power glasses and look like a student with some metal t-shirt and hoodie with Iron Maiden print on it. 

This girl says you don’t fit the crowd, what do you do?
(I prepare myself to blast a numerous things to tell her about what I do) 

I ask her, “are you ready?”

She says, “don’t tell me.”

I respond, “I should say, figure it out!” 
She gives a gentle laugh. 

We clicked as friends right away. We are dancing to the song.
Her friends gather near her. She says, “I will hang with my friends, some moment please. 
I gently give her space and step back to the crowd nearby, where others are also dancing to the beat of some alternative song. She has decided to leave the place where we were, which is taking place in an open outdoor arena. The weather is chilled and the time is about; when the sun is near to set. 

As she walk away looking backwards at me. I hear Shotty Horroh singing “Last Resort” by Papa Roach. The crowd has gone wild and I also want to jam my ass off while singing along. 
I move closer to the crowd and dance metal style (jumping with metal hand signs) 

I look at her she is leaving. I take a look back, she is about to leave. I follow her. 

Just next to this party. There is another party going on where people are just singing on a mic and it seems anyone can join. We walk through the crowd to go closer and see. And suddenly; before I know. I find myself so close to the mic area where there is a band of musicians with their instruments next to the mic.  She tries to sing and I make up hum sounds and La la la la’s  and sing along with her. We are doing great until another girl (let’s call her second) comes to the mic before us and sings her own stuff. I feel offended that she has ruined my friend’s moment. I feel for this first girl, whom I just met and have already become a close friend. 
I ask the second girl in front us, to not to ruin my friend’s moment. The second girl says, “beat me in signing”. So, I go to her mic.
The music is playing. And we are making up our own songs, while singing one sentence at a time. 
The second girl wants to leave singing. Maybe I’ve beaten her or maybe she had, had enough.  Another guy steps in her place. We have gone in metal mode of singing challenge. When it was about to get intense. Two cops shows up and handcuffs this guy and me and this another third dude.
They start walking us to the station. The police leads, we are walking down the road. He is holding one end of the handcuff and the other end is cuffed to my right hand, where I notice myself wearing, grey colored gloves. 
I ask the police, “What was the word we spoke that ended us in handcuffs?”
The police guy responds, “metal music is banned in America”.
I respond, “I wasn’t aware, it’s my first time in America”. “Is there anyway sir, you could please, let me go?”
While we all are walking down the road. The other guys and the police leading them are walking in front of me and some people from the crowd where we were previously having this singing challenge; has come and joined the walk to go till police station to see if we’ll be alright. 
The police leading me, loosens my cuff which slides off easily through my gloves and I run backwards up the road. 
I return back where my friends are. It’s a different side of the arena than where i was before. 

I reach a place where friends and some people are chilling in front of a house. I know some of them. Music jam is happening. We leave after sometime and find ourselves in this same open area where music festival is happening. I meet one more girl. Her name is “Elle” She is an old friend from where I used to work. She used to be simple, back then. But now, she too has turned into metal music lover type. Has a white t-shirt with black jeans and black leather jacket on. 
She asks, “how are you?” I reply, “I’m good” 

Then she ask, “why didn’t you post any pictures on social media” 

(I begin to think inside my head) [“playing ghost makes an impact and keeps them wondering”] Hmmm [it’s a wonderful strategy, must apply it more often] 

Little further, I noticed her boyfriend on the rooftop of a one storey small building which has a bar, underneath that rooftop. I see him playing the drums with a group band. 

I tell Elle, “your boyfriend is looking at us, so I’ll leave.”

She smiles… 

I make my exit from Elle’s sight and catch up to my friends, nearby.
We walk around and come to find myself close to this same building where the bar was located and inside it is Elle. From outside, through the window pane, I see Elle, making-out with her boyfriend, but didn’t seem like a passionate one.  
I try not to look. Then I look again and see her dancing metal style, this time with her leather jacket, off. 
I think to myself, this girl has changed so much. 
Just 10 steps away from me, there is a glass door with metal frames to enter and exit the bar. 

Elle comes outside from that bar, where I am standing.
Here, outside the bar. There are different section of the music festival. There is music everywhere and a different crowd everywhere for each different music section.
It is like Rave style festival, where different music is being played next to each other after a certain distance while not canceling out each other’s music and neither disturbing.
I hear some chilled tango going on. Elle is dancing outside too, I walk forward towards Elle and dance in front of her. The music changes in tempo and sounds like salsa, which feels romantic.
We hold each other’s hand and dance in a mixed bold-dance & salsa, to the best of the music we hear. The dancing platform is a wooden stage which has a flat surface at first, and after a certain point it continues as inclined plane going upwards and again it continues as a flat surface where the inclined place ends.
This is connected to supporting beams typically seen during concerts. We find ourselves dancing exactly on the inclined surface, being careful and not letting her fall.  

We’re dancing and moving towards up the incline wooden platform, and before reaching the top of the platform, Elle feels scared and we slowly dance down, every now and again. I carry her weight on me and don’t let her fall. 

There is one other couple dancing below the inclined surface and there is one couple above the inclined surface.

While dancing we happen to slip and crash into the couples dancing below us. We all fall off the wooden platform and on to the ground (grassy area) 

Their shoes have come off when we crashed into each other. I apologize many times, while picking up their shoes and handing it to them. Elle also helped me to pick up their shoes. I noticed, the girl was wearing red high heels and the guy had black leather shoes (the other falling couple). 

At the same time, I noticed Elle’s golden earring, which was shaped like a long chain and had a round ball made of solid gold hanging at the end of the chain of that earring; had fallen out of her pocket. I picked it up and we walk away, as if we wanted to leave. 

As we make our exit from this crowded area. At the outer side of the crowd watching the dance; was an older man sitting on a chair, dressed in a formal dress code and had badges like an officer of police or army. 

As i was about to hand over the earrings to Elle. This white Canadian older man. Who didn’t like my presence near Elle, seemed like he doesn’t trust me near Elle. 

Maybe, because we fell while dancing and also made one more couple to fall. Or maybe, it was my metallic attire prints on my hoodie, he didn’t happen to like because he judged the way I was dressed.  

He matched the appearance to be of that, of a high class stature person from the way he was dressed. This man, Elle and me, we were all in a close perimeter to each other.
I tell the man. Okay, you hand it to her. And walk away to give space. Assuming he’ll hand it over to Elle and Elle will follow me.
As I walk away cursing at this man inside my mind (monologue).

Behind me, I hear an explosion and look immediately. In an instance, 
I noticed the man is not there anymore. Must’ve been incinerated by the blast.
Elle was a bit next to him. The blast happened behind the man and must’ve blocked most of the blast protecting Elle. 

She got pushed away from the explosion. I see the golden chains flying off in the air and settles in the half grassy and half snowy ground. (This area had not been cleared of snow, as it was further and near the end of the crowd sitting or standing area)
I run towards where the golden chain earring flew off to and run towards Elle. There is David Cumberbatch attending to her. He leaves after I’m there. 
(I carry her and try to walk away from the chaotic scene. She’s bleeding on the right side of the stomach and there’s blood all over her) 
She asks herself, out loud. Is this really happening? Looks at me and tells me, I’m trying to live my life with you, (saying that she passes away).
I came to realize, while we danced she had changed her feelings towards me and wanted to take a chance with me. 
I’m left with this thought and feeling, stunned and emotionless. Elle has passed away and I’m left staring at the sky 
(And then i woke up, find myself on my bed, in Kathmandu) (What a dream!!!) 

“Too much is not even enough”

I’m surprised at how I handle my matters of the heart. Would it be possible to cut the sense of “idea of love” Find that one nerve which controls emotions and feelings. Cut it out and give it to the ones who need it. 
On that bombshell here’s a few lines 
“Too much is not even enough”

In a world, where; 

giving too much is a crime. 

I know not, how to give less. 

Without devaluing precious time
Had man no weakness

He would be powerful

Strong men are desired; 

Will that be wonderful? 
Love for power and sought for love; 

don’t mix well. 

Like, trying to enjoy the whisky; 

Burning in hell. 
In this world; some go, slow 

While others try to go, fast 

Asking the fast, to slowdown 

Is asking him, can you be last?
Love is a slow process 

But time waits for none

While waiting for love 

One’s life, may be gone 
Raise her deadwood heart

Is not, one of my forte 

Sons of Sparda would fail

Even Virgil and also Dante 
At least sluggish can try 

To pace up the base 

But for fast-forward 

Steady, loses the race 

Unlike tortoise, who are steady 

Steady, when fragile 

Not recommended for cheetah

Who is speedy & agile 
A slow pacemaker gets run over 

Even when, on the right track

Don’t blame his unusual crazy 

When youuu!!! Made him: Crack 
Time only flies, when missed 

So let’s take; chance at hand 

I have accepted you despite 

Being, queen of the damned 

A Love Story Beyond Time And Tide

While she’s fast asleep, 
I scribbled all night
She slept at her’s,
As I waited at mine

Clock; often is too early 
Suddenly it becomes late
Time; too early to assert 
Yet, too late to dismiss 

I wished her pleasant dreams
Wondering, where she’ll begin
Imagined, she starts alone
Together we meet, before she wakes

I once heard, thoughts travel fast
Made Einstein think, is quantum trash?
One said, social philosophy backs thought
Others, not unlike the natural speed of light

Last one exclaimed, think!
Then you realize, you’ve arrived

Light, it reaches by time
Daydreams of my soul adrift
Gently I will tuck myself,  
Right next to her, goodnight…

A Trial in Writing 

I like writing poetry

It is Integrated in me 
Friends think, it’s too simple 

and nobody wants to see  
I like their thoughts

It challenges my skills 

I consider myself a nobody

But can’t speak for my thrills 
A dictionary, is what I need 

To inherit bombastic word 

But I’m a simpleton 

Simple words, I insert 
Reading could help me 

But I barely read 

I do talk a lot 

And I barely breathe 
I do love the critics 

They help me grow 

If I put more effort 

I could be a pro 
Alas! I am a human 

With many flaws 

Rebellion is in my blood 

Hence, I rebel the laws 
I am stupid for not listening;

Thank-you friends for mingling 
I owe you all, time 

It doesn’t belong to me 

I’m up for hangout 

whenever I am free 
Friends are my life 

Thank ‘God’ for that 

They bare my stupidity 

Companion to my path 
Gratitude is all I have left 

Because ego serves no one 

Life wouldn’t be the same 

Without friends, to have fun.  

Let the soul sleep, it’s healing 

Waking up is a choice. 

But wake up to what,

Is my question?

For a soul who has seen 

And felt nothing but pain.

Cruelty of the world 

And cunningness, everyday.

For him only sleep heals 

Dreams soothe, while healing. 

Physical and mental pain of enemies 

Seem and feel so much easier 

When once, one feels the loss of love 

Ones who loves never leaves

Ones who left never loved 

The in-between, lies their fate 

Destiny bound from Karma 

Yet, not all faces Karma 

If we fight it against odds 

Or had we surrendered 

Our actions upon lord, himself 

The hate and pain 

Will make every, a man.

Without loss, just a boy.

Time and generation is cruel,

But, laws of nature must be followed 

Only suffering makes a man strong 

Sharpens his potential and let’s grow 

Yet, I see flaws, in the laws 

Why must one suffer?

Why must one know,

What pain and loss is?

Is there no forgiveness,

To an innocent heart?

Does a innocent smile, 

Have to be shattered? 

Is it necessary 

If so, what is the purpose? 

How can one love 

When he receives hate 

Why do we ask compassion 

From a man who received pain 

If we wipe someones smile away

He will wipe ten other’s, tomorrow 

And is this the life cycle, we wish to be in?

Is this our favorite chain-reaction?

In this hateful and selfish world

Let my soul sleep until it wishes to

Hence, Waking up is a choice

But wake up to what

Is my question? 


When death is coming

just relax and enjoy it 

(Our/My) lord will come

to take me; and 

yes, it will be scary

I might face punishment 

Because lord might be displeased.

I can only think of 3 things 

that will be visible to me, then

Darkness in all direction 

except for the center; which 

will have been pierced by fire 

And just slightly before fire 

Our/ (for that day) my lord, 

will have come for me. 

Places to go in Thonglor, Bangkok, Thailand

Friends, if you ever came to Bangkok and you are the type who likes to drink and chill in nice bars with nice food. Then Thonglor area is the best place for you. This area is filled with one of the best bars in town with style. 

One of them I recently went to is called ‘The Commons’ which is located in Thonglor Soi 17 (Soi means Alley) 

It’s a market like place. Where you are surrounded by various foods and drink. And you can order from all of them at once. 


Another one, I recently went to is called “HashMe” This one if located at the end of Thonglor soi 9 road. It serves one of the best Waffle styled foods in a very different way. With cheese, bacon, carbonara sauce. I swear, never have I enjoyed waffle like this before. Got a nice bottle of sweet sparkling wine and some steak. I seriously, recommend this place to everyone. Just check out some pictures below 

“Please, suggest me a brand new word for, ‘Unity'”

Good evening everyone,

It’s Wednesday 6:31 PM in Bangkok, Thailand. I just got out from my condominium at Ramkhamhaeng Soi 3(Alley). There’s a lot of traffic jam, just as i am about to exit to the main road. The traffic jam is because it’s close the the intersection. And my taxi drivers added, it’s because of the rainfall. Both the statement is correct.

I look beside the road. There I see 4 motorbike taxi waiting for the moment; waiting for customers. Others might be out there taking passengers.

I feel something in my heart. Looking at them sitting on their motorbikes with their plastic raincoat on. While it’s shimmering lightly. The heavy rainfall has calmed by now.

I feel for their lives and wonder how their life must be like. I wonder no matter how hard their work is; is their life better though?

I’m a dreamy person, I wish for everybody in this world to have someone too; In their life to go back home too. After a hard Labor Day, I wish for them to be awaited by warm food. A whole days work can and may be hard, laborious, tedious, etc. Here I’ll not feel emotional for anyone because, this is life. It teaches us to become better, efficient, productive and to grow. This is the way of the nature; set way before even time existed, I’m guessing.

But, I do feel emotional for every person on this planet if they don’t have a home to go to. If they don’t have family to ask them about their well-being. Especially, if they don’t have the opportunity to receive a happy, content good nights sleep.

Beside wishing them all well-being. I am also aware of the fact that not everybody has a home, family, food and a warm bed to sleep or sometimes; worst case scenerio, not even a friend to talk with.

And this is what I would love to put my effort to work about. Welfare of people. All of them. Everybody. For the ones who have nobody; I would like to see an organization whose workers are like me. And maybe even better than me. Who shares same mentality, wellness, compassion for people whose life is filled with difficulty and loneliness.

I wish for this organization to serve people and not only serve, but also teach them to be productive, efficient and mostly to help one another. Greediness achieves nothing. Unity achieves it all. So, in a way what I am proposing is People’s Unity and gradually World Unity.

Unfortunately, words like People’s Unity and World Peace have not only seen obstacle but for now I feel. Even the word is tainted.

So finally, to readers, I would like to request them, to suggest me words that are synonymous to people’s unity and welfare. Requesting for suggestion of a brand new name to represent the welfare goal and objective to serve people.

One helping another. One helping all. All helping one. All helping all

Cheers!!! 🙂

Experience of a Human Life

Thinking of all the experiences, all human beings must go through, (sigh…)

These experiences are not what one would call good or pleasant experiences in any way, but somehow essential, according to “Thee Nature”

These experiences include things like:

  • Accidents Of All Kinds
  • Broken House and Family
  • Getting Your House Robbed
  • Cunning Enemies
  • Getting Heart-Broken
  • Fraudulent Activities Against You
  • Mental Tension
  • Emotional Blackmail
  • And the list goes on…


Rarely, we avoid some of these experiences, but unluckily suffer many of them as time goes by.

In this human living, Suffering plays such a vital role in growing up.

One reason could be because unlike happy moments which we forget easily; inner distress which arises from having suffered the pain is what comes to our remembrance the most.

Let’s give it a trial. Try to remember all the happy moments of our life. We will find, we can only remember a handful of them, even though we shared many happy moments with good people.

Now, let’s think of all the sufferings we went through. Don’t we remember all of them with details?

Like it happened yesterday! (Sigh…)


Sigh- because this is one of the negative capacities of our human brain. To – quickly forget the good moments and happiness. But remember the sufferings for a long time.


And, the case is similar, when someone is good to us 100 times. We won’t see that or remember it and be grateful. But let this same person commit one bad act towards us, intentionally or unintentionally. And we will remember this bad conduct for a long period of time; completely ignoring the 100 times of good conduct.

Some argue that “Impression” is an emotional element of life which has to be maintained always. On this subject matter, my thinking and perceiving lead me to believe that yes, the fault is in fact in our stars. It is us; who see, think, and act in such a way.


Analyzing and judging, waiting for someone to make mistakes; so that we can get a good laugh about it. I am not talking about strangers only; we do this to even our close people, our close friends. We judge them by the way we perceive them in their everyday endeavors. But we do not know why they do, what they do. And similarly, others are doing the same things to us.


So definitely, the fault lies in our own self for being this way, for allowing our minds to function in such a way. This way of behaving happens as a side effect from the habit of gaining experience through pain and suffering.


When we keep doing one thing or working in one fixed method, we train our minds to function in this habit.


Suffering from circumstances is not a bad thing. We do grow “a wise”, from our mistakes and from analyzing our experiences.


One bad effect of the above statement is that we also create the circumstance which makes us suffer or others and this is not good, on our individual part.


We cannot forget what our mind experiences, especially the bad experiences. But we can overpower it by creating an even larger number of good experiences.


Bad experiences are like Black Magic. The result is a painful twist, but the lesson learned is profound.


So, use your experiences, all good and bad, to guide you towards your future and your future situation/circumstances, but don’t hold on to any suffering forever. Give others a chance, expect nothing from them. So, we won’t be disappointed. Let them live their life and let’s not analyze their actions and behavior in case no one is being affected or hurt through their action.

In my life, I found out that all of them are just like us. Unknown to and still learning, how to be social among others, while still trying to be the person, their inner asks of them to be. In order to display each and everyone’s unique individuality. It’s a complex feeling.


Let’s give everyone a break. Let’s give ourselves a break. Let’s forgive others and before that let’s forgive ourself too, for all the mistakes we made and all the sufferings we caused.


However, one thing we should do is use caution. Give them a chance, but neither be fooled by them.

Live and Let Live…


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Define: Energy

I am here; and
I was always here
I am neither created, Nor
Will I ever be destroyed
I was always here; and
I will always be here

Maybe, not in the same form
But for fact, I will be
I was something else, then
I am this, for now
I will become something else,
in another time

Transforming from one – another one
Yet, ‘core’ will always remain the same
Customized and Upgraded, maybe
But never, a complete new
And never, a complete different
That’s, each personal ‘identity’
A unique, which we always were
Always is, and always will be
So, just be…

We are unique ‘Energies’
Dancing, some see it
Vibrating, others feel it
Whether be: Dancing or Vibrating
Important fact: We always will be
Whatever will be, will be;
So, let’s just be…

~Thoughtmonger V~

Dream Story 30/April/2014

We were on a taxi, I was on the left passenger seat and she, on the right. I looked at her. She didn’t seem to care. I noticed she was knitting and she had put her whole attention there on knitting; while the taxi drove.

 There was so much silence between us. Sometimes, it felt I was on that taxi alone. 

I’d get bored and look outside taxi window and be lost in my own thoughts. The taxi ride was so long while it kept moving. Then, I look to my right. She’s still knitting. And it happened again. I realized that I wasn’t alone on this taxi but for a few moment, I had again forgotten I wasn’t traveling alone. Finally tired. I lay down to rest in a napping position. Facing towards her and looking at her with my dreamy eyes. 

I stared at her for a while. Then slowly she looked at me and looked back at her knitting work. She looked at me again and looked away. And finally, looked at me for the third time and then she smiled.

She put aside her knitting and she smiled, as if she had forgiven me for a small misunderstanding we might’ve had. Her smile was a relief to me, as if I hadn’t needed anything more than that, ‘Smile’ 🙂 

Whom to choose as a Partner

People of the world, fall in love and break off from their love, everyday. 

We often go pick the wildest partner, whom we first meet, who has come to fill our void. Without giving it much thought. It’s all good and great in the beginning. But after a while, slowly the whole story unfolds. Slowly, we discover each other’s annoying and sometimes disgusting habits. 

When we were dating and kept to ourselves, it was all good. But then to some, later we realized that we are shy to take our partners to meet our parents, or friends and working colleague. 

No doubt we love them, but just that we don’t want to be judged by the strangers eyes, on our preference of our partner. Truthbe told, we shouldn’t be judged. But we feel it, anyway. 

And hence later, our partnership begins to come to the point where we evaluate each other’s competence on how well can they look after a family. Whose gonna earn and how much is needed. These questions, make or break anyone’s relation. It’s the final barrier to a married life. 

The point is, we often go for the wildest ones and anyone we choose. We will have a trial period for everyone. 
So, if all we need is a partner for companionship. My suggestion is to find a partner, where you lack in and the other can provide that support. 

Like for instance, a person who doesn’t know how to drive can look for a partner who can, in bigger example. A business person can look for a partner who excels in Accounting and Finance. Etc. you get the point. 

I mean, while we look for a partner, why not look for one who can actually provide the lacking booster to each other’s life. And that will be a partnership. That is a true companion. Because even if it doesn’t last. At least you will have learned to survive and will have grown in your skills where you once lacked. 

Me, I choose it this way. I don’t have the most handsome face, so I can’t be picky over pretty and beautiful. 

But I do have a heart of gold. A cup overflowing with love. And that’s what I mainly look for, besides other minor things… 
In conclusion, I would like to say, choose a partner, from whom you can learn and grow. Or at least balance that side of your life which you were unable to manage. And you do the same for your partner. Because, never forget “Partnership is a two way street.”

“All the Best” 
~Varun Thoughtmonger 

Hard to Be Forgiven

It’s hard to forgive others. When you’ve never been forgiven. 

For anything; big or small
How can one share love to others. When he has never received, compassion. 

How long will a person’s goodness last. While it’s being tested over and over again, everyday. When, most of us change in the first bad experience we face. 
Have your love rejected and we’ll end up doubting our beauty. We begin to ask question like, Am I Ugly? 
We muster up our thought and courage to express our love. Only to be rejected like we’re a psychopath. Then, the rejector is often caught saying, “The world needs more love and compassion.”
Such a unique world. Nobody knows what’s the right way and the wrong way. 

The universe wants us to be responsible of our own action. Hence, doesn’t give us a specific guidelines on living and being. 


“Oh lord! I am without guidance. Please, guide me…”

Sunday Chill

Today, on Sunday 10 April, 2016. 
Chilling in Bangkok at Emquartier Mall
Nice lunch at the restaurant called The Chop. Mozza Sticks was my favorite. 


 Then finally came outside near the bushes below the Phrom Phong train station. 

It it not everyday in Bangkok, that we have the enthusiasm to come outside on a hot Sunday. Today, we have been blessed with some light cool breeze. Which makes smoking cigarette a delightful appetizer. 

After this, I’ll probably head back to a place to sit and chill. Most likely, my friends small hotel/lodge in Ekkamai Soi between 4 and 6. 
I’m a lazy person. But, today I’m in a quite good mood to walk around a bit. Must be because of my comfortable Sunday kicks #Adidas


How to protect yourself from good people 

“You have to save yourself from so many good-intentioned people, do-gooders, who are constantly advising you to be this, to be that. Listen to them, thank them. They don’t mean any harm — but harm is what happens. You just listen to your own heart. That is your only teacher. In the real journey of life, your own intuition is your only teacher.”


Osho on Art of Witnessing

Question – What is your way of meditation?

Osho – My way of meditation is very simple. There are one hundred and twelve methods of meditation. Out of all of those I have chosen the most simple — the most easily done. I call it witnessing. The moment you witness something you become separate from it, you are the witness, the thing becomes an object — the witnessed.

If you are walking on the road, and you are also witnessing that you are walking — not going along just like a robot, mechanical, everyday habit, the road is known, the legs know it, you can even walk with closed eyes. But walking with absolute alertness every step, every fall of a leaf, every ray of the sun, every bird flying in front of you, fully alert… slowly, slowly, you become aware that you are not the body that is walking, you are something inside which is witnessing.

Once you have witnessed your body, you have got the knack of the method. Then you start witnessing your thoughts — sitting silently, just watching the rush of thoughts, not interfering, not saying, “This is good. This is bad.” Not justifying, not appreciating, no judgment… non-judgmental witnessing, just like the mirror. Anybody passes by, the mirror reflects it; that’s all, it makes no comment.

Strangely enough, when you stop making comments on the thoughts, they begin to stop; your comments keep them alive. Once you are simply a mirrorlike witness, thoughts disappear, and you become aware of a deeper layer, of emotions, moods, which are very subtle. You are not even aware many times that you are sad. You are often not aware of what your emotional state is — it is very deep, there is a thick layer of thoughts. 

When thoughts have stopped, then you become aware of a very subtle breeze — and there is a great joy to see it pass. The method remains the same — you remain a witness without judgment. First body, second mind, third heart. And the fourth happens on its own. I call my way the fourth way because after the third you cannot do anything.

Once your emotions and moods disappear, suddenly there is a quantum leap — the witness has nothing to witness anymore. It comes home. It witnesses itself. It becomes both the seer and the seen, the object and the subject, and for the first time you have unity. This experience of absolute organic unity of your consciousness has been called by different names — moksha, nirvana, liberation, enlightenment, illumination. 

Whatever word you choose makes no difference. But this is the ultimate peak, this is the ultimate goal of human life. So my method is very simple. You need not even sit to do it. You can do it anywhere — walking on the street, sitting in the bus, sitting in the plane, eating, even sleeping. When you are going to sleep you don’t fall asleep suddenly, it takes a few minutes; just watch how the sleep comes in. 

Slowly, slowly, you will see sleep coming in, and as your witnessing becomes deeper there comes a moment when you can see that the whole night you are asleep yet still alert. I have tried almost all one hundred and twelve methods. That list is exhaustive, there is no possibility of adding a single method more. You can make a method of combinations, but those one hundred and twelve are exhaustive.

Out of them all I have chosen witnessing, because most of them are based on this in different ways. For example, if while making love you also witness, it becomes tantra. Tantra has taken one method, used it for love, and changed the whole sexual energy into a spiritual phenomenon. That’s what I have been talking about, and I have been misunderstood by almost everybody. They think I am teaching free sex. I am teaching meditative sex, and they think I am teaching free sex. 

I was simply teaching that if you can make sex an object of meditation you can become free of it — because with meditation the energy starts moving higher and higher. My sannyasins who have been with me are puzzled that they have lost all interest in sex. And the people who have been condemning me — that is their own imagination, their own creation, the whole idea of free sex. 

But it is sensational, particularly in a country which is very repressive about sex. To me, sex is as natural as everything else. If we can make sleeping a meditation, if we can make eating a meditation, why leave sex out? And sex is so powerful that it should not be left out; otherwise, that will that it should not be left out; otherwise, that will create disturbance. It should be absorbed into your total meditative process. It should become an organic unity.

Perhaps the Tantrikas understood this 1000 years ago. They did; they had something substantial. The Tantrikas were not part of a religion but of a very rebellious group of religious people, who created Khajuraho and thousands of other temples around. All other religions are talking almost rubbish about God, about heaven and hell.

Tantrikas were the first scientific religious people who took possession of their energy — which was already available. They managed to transform it in the same way that later somebody transformed the electricity from the clouds to become a light in your house. Nobody would have conceived before that the electricity flashing in the clouds could run your fans and your air-conditioners and your railways.

Tantrikas had the first insight that man’s sexual energy can be transformed easily. The only barrier is repression. If you repress it, then you cannot transform it. Don’t repress sexual energy, don’t condemn it, but create a friendship with it, that’s what I have been saying. Don’t think of it as a sin; it is not — you are born of it. The whole life is sex. If you call sex sin, then the whole life becomes sin, then the whole existence becomes sin — and this is not a religious approach to the world. We should make the whole world divine — not sin. But nobody reports what I have been saying; they just go on misinforming people. This is a misfortune — that journalism still is not literature.

Source: ” The Last Testament, Vol 4, Chapter 15 ” – Osho

ThoughtMonger Cavalry


 This blog was established to unite all the ThoughtMongers of the World to spread peace and non-violence, while entertaining them through presentation of varieties of Thoughts transformed into Powerful Word Meaning.
Objective: To recruit a large Cavalry of ThoughtMongers, who will unite to reform the world and shape it into a more suitable environment to nurture humanity even further.

   My biggest aim is to eliminate world hunger. Its one of the basic needs that has not been provided to some people of the world. In a time of business, where people deal about millions of dollars in their daily life, while the government deals with billions of dollars.
I simply wonder, with so much money how come we could not keep the world fed ?

All in all, eliminating world hunger and enhancing peace and prosperity is one of the difficult tasks to accomplish. So, through this Blog, I wish to make a movement to unite people to form new strategists of the world called  “ThoughtMonger Cavalry.”